The hound of antiquity, hunt­ing companion of kings, revered dog of Islam, are all descriptions that have been conferred on this regal breed from earliest times. The respect that has inspired this ageless praise is clearly re­flected in THIS IS THE AF­GHAN HOUND by its author, Joan McDonald Brearley. Mrs. Brearley, a recognized breed authority and licensed breed judge, goes into a detailed ac­count of all the history of the Afghan Hound that is known to modern dog authorities, explor­ing probable origins as well as the course the breed has taken ever since it left the remote mountains of its homeland and entered the affections of dog lovers all over the world. In THIS IS THE AFGHAN HOUND many old subjects are given a new treatment, informa­tive as well as refreshing. The Afghan grooming chart is what may be a first for the breed. Now, any Afghan owner can groom his dog to perfection the first time with professional re­sults. The history of Afghan Hound racing in England and America is very thoroughly treated in the text, and shows a respect and understanding for the original purpose of the Af­ghan Hound breed. In addition to the history and background, the author gives a wealth of practical information about feeding, grooming, puppy selec­tion, and all those things which every Afghan owner needs to know. THIS IS THE AFGHAN HOUND is an indispensable part of every Afghan owner's library.

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