Emerald Tree Boas and Green Tree Pythons (or Chondros) are among the most spectacular snakes available to hobbyists, and they have a large following. Keeping them is not easy, however, and they often are thought to be delicate, difficult species. The Guide to Owning Tree Boas & Tree Pythons provides all the information necessary to successfully keep and even breed these beautiful snakes as well as three less common relatives that are present in the hobby. Here are all the details on cage selection, substrates, humidity, and food requirements needed to grow that colorful baby boa or python into an adult and then breed it. These wonderful snakes no longer have to be admired from afar—today any experienced, careful keeper has the opportunity to raise colorful tree boas and tree pythons in the home.

Introduction · Housing · Feeding · Madagascan Tree Boas, Tree Boas: Emerald, Garden, and Annulated, Chondros, or Green Tree Pythons

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