Diseases of Reptiles is that portion of Dr. Reichenbach-Klinke's monumental The Principal Diseases of Lower Vertebrates that is concerned with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of pathological conditions in animals of the class Reptilia. Previously available only in German and only in conjunction with the coverages of fishes and amphibians that appear in the original German work, Dr. Reichenbach-Klinke's rewardingly informative text about reptile diseases is now presented in this separate specialized volume. Contents

Technique of Investigation: Symptoms of Disease; Ages of Reptiles; Anaesthesia, Killing of Specimens, Dissection; Detailed Examination of Organic Systems ... Infectious Diseases: Bacterial Infections; Protozoal Diseases; Turbellaria; Trematoda; Tapeworms (Cestoidea); Acanthocephala; Nematoda; Leeches; Mites (Acarina); Tongue Worms (Linguatulida); Insects; Diseases caused by Fungi ... Non-Parasitic and Environmental Diseases: Tumours; Diseases due to Faulty Environment; Injuries through Physical Factors; Poisoning ... Wound Healing and Regeneration ... Developmental Abnormalities ... The Organic Systems of Reptiles and their Importance in Reptilian Pathology ... Table of Localization, Symptoms and Possible Causes of Diseases in Reptiles ... Treatment: Drugs; Biological and Physical Methods of Treatment ... Reptilia and Human Hygiene ... Glossaries: Zoological Names, Trivial Names and Main Habitat of Species Mentioned in the Text; Trivial and Zoological Names.

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